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Policies & Guidelines for The Village Project Website 

The Village Project operates this website to provide information about our programs and to provide an enjoyable, educational resource for students and teachers who are using the Village curriculum.  Our hope is that it can be a fun place to get and exchange peep ideas.  In all internet use by children concerns about safety, privacy and appropriateness need to be attended to.  With this in mind, The Village Project has adopted the following policies and guidelines for its website.

Whether they access the internet from home or from school children need to be familiar with internet safety and etiquette.  . As a general rule, children should not reveal personal information about themselves online without a parent's permission. This includes their name, email address, postal address, phone number, photo, school address, etc.  In several places on The Village Project website vistors are asked to provide contact information (for example if they wish to send an RP Post letter, or trade something for a Fishtales book).  In each instance, students taking part in an organized Village program have the option of being contacted through the teacher(s) leading their program.  If, with parent's permission, students choose to leave contact information, the Village Project will keep that information private and confidential.  Personal information relating to students will not be posted or provided in any way on the site.  All email communication submitted through the RP Post will be routed through the Village Project webmaster, which will ensure that students' email addresses will not be disclosed.

When providing update information about the towns they are building, students and teachers are asked to provide information using students' first names only.  Peeps may be identified however they choose to be identified. 

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