Want to Publish your Book?

Here at Fishtales we are always looking for new peep authors.  We are proud to offer the highest quality editing, printing and publicity services in the peep book world.

We are particularly interested in books in the following areas:

  • Peep biography
  • Town history
  • Stories about peeps (all stories including adventure, true crime and romance)
  • Political essays
  • Poetry collections
  • Textbooks for Peep Universities
At Fishtales authors always receive free copies of their books.  Because trade in the Republic of Peeps is by barter we are always open to working out special deals.

Please send Fishtales a message using RP Post

You can also contact us by email at 


Include your manuscript (if it's finished) or provide information about your book (if you're still working on it).  You can always contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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Page Last Updated: July 31, 2006